What is the difference between a composited and an animated portrait?
Composited images are portraits that have digital artistry added to the original images to create fantasy scenes.  Animated portraits are added after the compositing is finished to bring to life the elements of your portrait.  
What can I do with an animated portrait?
View and save on your phone, computer, iPad, and/or hang in your home with a digital frame (frames come in a variety of sizes).  Use these images for personal or professional use. Put on a website for promotional marketing.
How can I access the library of backgrounds to select for my session?
Once you have made the payment I will give you a password to access the library of backgrounds. You can also visit our IG to see samples of the backgrounds we use.  We often add custom elements.
What comes in my package?
You will receive composited fine art prints. Animated versions (depending on the package) for use on social media, phones, or on your computer. You can also purchase a digital frame and hang your animated portrait in your home. We also offer options to place an image(s) on a product, from fine art canvas to lifestyle products.
What if I want to submit to a magazine or have a print created?
Composited still images can be used on any of our product options from fine art prints to lifestyle products. Some packages include prints and products. You can purchase products or prints outside of your package.  Ask us for more information.
How long are the sessions?
Sessions can run anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on which package option you have purchased.  We do not base our packages on the session's length but on the session's quality. We make sure we have the images we need to digitally edit.  It doesn't take us hours to accomplish session shoots because we are focused. A consultation ahead of time is strongly recommended.  
Our sessions are about capturing your dream.  We make sure you look amazing.  As we work we show you how you look and discuss the concept so you are aware of the poses and process.   We capture the poses needed to create final art portraits.  We understand you may or may not be an experienced model.  We work with you to ensure you love your body, facial, and the end composited portrait.
Can I wear my hair/makeup look after the session?
Hair and makeup are for the session. The hair and makeup looks are different for the photography sessions than going out to events.  For beauty services to be worn outside the session you must bring your hair accessories i.e. pinup flowers, and hairpieces. There are additional charges for time and product. 
Can I screenshot my gallery?
No, screenshots of images are allowed.  Copyright infringement is punishable by law. Please do not take images with watermarks or screenshots of your gallery.  For that reason, we do not provide viewing galleries. We show you as we photograph the image being created, make note of the images you like, and then select the images for edit.
Can you make my body look beautiful?
Absolutely! The Baronés specializes in bringing out the beautiful you.  She is a maestro of curves capturing your best facial and body angels.  She photographs women, men, and animals of all ages and shapes.  Glamour is for everyone!  Read the reviews!
How do I make payment?
You can pay in full online through our online booking system. We can also send you a Paypal link if you prefer  You also can do a payment plan. Please note all sessions require full payment before the session date. Once payment is received your date and time are confirmed.
Where do the sessions take place?
Sessions take place in boutique hotels, in-studio, or outdoors depending on the package chosen.
What should I bring?
We ask you to bring your lingerie, clothing, and shoes for hygienic reasons. The number of outfit changes varies depending on the session purchased. We do have some props for the sessions. 
What if I need to cancel? 
Packages require a 72-hour cancellation notice for all sessions. All sessions and print purchases are non-refundable.  If you cancel the day of your session, you forfeit your session.  You can repurchase your session at any time.   
Still, have questions?
We are here to help and guide you.  No question is silly or annoying ask away!  You can reach Lovey by phone, email, zoom, or text, Feel free to reach out.

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