Composited portraits
 WITH animation and MUSIC

Welcome To The Glamour Circus 
By Baronés Lovey De Luxe

This is your opportunity to take time out and remind yourself or someone else how amazing you are.  Have a solo portrait or gift a friend. Double the fun celebrate life's moments with a friend or family and have a portrait together.
No matter where you are in the game of life, celebrating a beginning or an ending, We are here to celebrate with you.  We will capture a version of you that you will love.  We are experienced in photographing people of all ages, and body shapes.  Trust us, we will provide tips on face & body positioning. We will help with wardrobe, hair, and makeup to create a fantastic portrait of you. Most important we will make you feel at ease in front of the camera.
Our beautiful portraits will showcase the best version of you. In-studio, on-location or if we have a digital scene in mind, we will create a place for your wild heart to shine.
New is our animated portraits for personal or business use.  You can save this to an electronic device, have products made, or hang it in your home for your enjoyment.

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