The composited and animated portrait editing is unique from traditional portrait sessions.  We use digital editing to create and add elements a regular studio session cannot do.  Each session produces a fine art portrait using advanced editing software.
Animated portraits can be saved and played on your phone, computer, iPad, and/or digital frame. Animated portraits last a lifetime.  They are yours to keep on any device.  Animated portraits cannot be printed. However, the composited portrait can be printed by traditional means; prints, canvas, books, and more. We add animation and music to the composited portraits for a unique effect.  
Every session comes with composited and animated portraits.  The animation may be the surrounding elements or the actual subject may have portions of them moving.  Each portrait is based on the photographer's inspiration.  Visit our Questions page for more information.
The photographer provides consultation for each session to hear your vision and explain any details not provided.  They have provided a frequently asked questions page for your convenience.  The Baronés Lovey De Luxe is available to answer any questions.
Partner with us for your special event.  We charge a promotional rate for each client for a mini-session.  We provide one fine art animated portrait with compositing.  More product options can be added. Themes can be created for your special event. 

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