Introducing Calvin, I had the pleasure of photographing this sixteen-year-old pup before he passed.  I did my best to capture his light-hearted personality.  He loved walking in the forest and the beach the perfect settings for our photo shoot.  

We used digital compositing to create a fun portrait of Calvin.

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We use digital artistry to give life to our portraits.  Send us a previous image.  We recreate the image with a scene and add movement through animation techniques. You can also send the picture, and we can edit slight movements on the original image.  Ask us more.
Contact us for a quote, each image is special and differs in what may be animated. We need to look at the quality of the image.  Most images can be repaired or some are in good condition.  We can also add my compositing techniques to create a scene.
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For those of us who are near the end of our journey, a portrait before we pass is a beautiful reminder of the people or animals we love.  We have created portraits of people who know they were going to pass. As well, we have photographed animal portraits for owners who knew their pet was about to pass. With our special touch, we composite images and add animation. Don't wait to capture that special someone.
How to Use your animated & composited portrait
Save to your phone, computer, or iPad. Share with loved ones online.  Hang your custom portrait in your home with a digital frame.
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