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Ciao Bella
I have always been wild at heart. My love for music led me to a career as a rock photographer.  I spent time capturing the spontaneous musical moments of everyone from Slayer to Kenny G, concerts clubs and outdoor festivals were just an everyday event for me. 
Tired of sweaty men, I branched into glamour photography.  I began incorporating my love for painting by applying make-up for clients for glamour photo sessions. I later learned to use computers to enhance my artistic ideas.
My next adventure was taking my artistic passions and transferring them into a 3-D art form.  It was a new experience; jewelry became a way of capturing my own inspirations and inspiring others.  My designs are infused with art, music, and history producing an eclectic retro-glamour look.
Coming full-circle I found myself back to photography. This time I took all my creative passions and wrapped them like a fist focusing only on glamour. I incorporated the photography, makeup, digital artistry and more to create a unique glamour business. 
Excited about my glam look I am inspired by the contrast of light and dark my love of modern and vintage.  On the edge of a dream, candy-coated or film noir I have created my own glamour circus. My style is unpredictable, unapologetic, passionate and free from anyone’s rules.  My work embodies the freedom to be who one chooses.​​​​​​​
La Dolce Vita
A wild child of glamour photography I now incorporate all aspects of my creativity into my portraits and products. I stay wild at heart believing in my vision of an aesthetic life with value.  I have a unique glamour company that helps women, men and animals feel amazing.  I continue to travel locally and abroad with my glamour circus.  My constant yearning for knowledge and interest in others drives my passion.  My wild heart cannot be broken.
Old Hollywood Glamour Inspirations

Dropped in the middle of nowhere the Baronés stumbled and fumbled for a little sparkle.  From a distance, she could make out a glimmer. Entranced she followed the light and came across a tiny little town.  As she walked down the quiet little street the light grew brighter. She stopped in front of a huge shinning sign housed by a sparkly new building. In large lights across the top was the name “Ava”.  With wonder and excitement, she reached for the door.
Movie costumes filled the room. Glamorous dresses were encased behind glass with photos of the starlet wearing the designs. Along the walls, large poster size photos with stories of Old Hollywood Loves & friendships followed in succession. Each story signifying different time periods in this starlets life while filming her Hollywood hits.
A girl from the middle of nowhere dreamed of sparkle and found it. Ava Gardner was from this little town.  Just down the street at the only theater, she would watch the movies every Sunday with her mother. Little did she realize she would one day star with these performers. 
Lovey found sparkle and passion in a tiny town where one leased expected it. In this little town was hope.  She found my star to give me hope.  Ava lived in a time when girls chased their dreams and the impossible seemed probable.​​​​​​​
The Baronés gives every woman a little glamour to inspire them to make the best of life, no matter where or what she is going through. Her message is the power of hope. When life isn't what you want you can style it to what you would like and always look great doing it.
Through her glamour photography, the Baronés creates services and products for you to sparkle.  Her retro- glamour images capture the starlet in you.  Allow yourself shine! 
Professional photographs are a great memento of you.  Let yourself have fun and create gorgeous photos to send to your honey overseas, give to your loves at home, a keepsake for your kids or just to celebrate you!
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